Tagg West creates smart, imaginative, & suspenseful adventures stories.

JijiColony: Sci-Fi Web Series

JijiColony is a sci-fi web series about life on an interstellar colony ship

Season 1 of JijiColony—written and directed by Tagg West—is available to stream for free on YouTube.

Visit JijiColony.com or stream season 1 on YouTube

Under the Cold Sun: A Novel

(Click here to view on Amazon.com)

An imaginative, suspenseful, and fast-paced adventure thriller featuring international conspiracy, political uprising, and a remarkable world you never knew existed.

“It’s like Dan Brown meets Michael Crichton meets Lee Child: imagination, adventure, and non-stop action.” (Gwen D.)

“One hell of a ride. Everything you would want from a novel. I highly recommend it!” (Dillon R.)

"A political coup, the study of a new indigenous culture, plus a dash of love & war, makes this suspenseful book a page turner until the end... I would highly recommend this for a quick and entertaining read full of adventure!" (Sarah Orren, Reedsy)

Book Cover

Book Cover

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About Tagg

Tagg West has been a professional writer for two decades, with skills refined in the brutal arena of marketing and advertising, where poetry matters and brevity is everything. Prior to that, he developed a keen sense of wordcraft, detail, and accuracy as a technical writer for several technology companies.

Tagg believes that great fiction is both epic and intimate, and he strives to deliver fast-paced adventure without sacrificing well-rounded characters. His writing is best classified as speculative action & adventure. His writing puts unique people in unique situations so we can see what happens next.