Tagg West

Tagg West

Screenwriter and indie filmmaker.
(Pretty good at it, too.)

Based in Phoenix, Arizona




Hi, I’m Tagg!

I’m an indie writer/director specializing in character-driven stories with compelling narrative engines. I particularly love serialized/episodic formats, but I also work with short films and features.

I write well-developed, relatable, and authentic characters because that's where the strongest story structures come from. I slide between genres but always strive to tell universal stories with appeal beyond any specific niche or demographic.

Though young at heart, I’ve been a professional writer for 25+ years with extensive experience in the emotional artistry of ad copywriting, the ruthless precision of technical writing, and the business realities of marketing and social media content creation. I can write the hell out of just about anything.

I have heaps of video production experience from my day job in corporate marketing plus 15 years of experience with various YouTube channels. I’m handy with shooting, lighting, sound, editing, color grading, etc. (In fact, I actually run a YouTube channel about video production!)

I’m especially good at character and story development. If you have a concept and need to figure out how to turn it into a robust, well-structured, character-driven story—or if your script isn’t working and you don’t know why—I can totally help.

I want to collaborate with you! Filmmaking is magical because requires the most collaboration and brainpower of any art form. I’ve done a lot of solo projects, but I know the magic really happens when people work together.

If you think I might be a fit for something you're working on, hit me at tagg@taggwest.com and let's see if we can do something together!


Sci-fi web series

Visit the JijiColony website »

JijiColony is an ongoing sci-fi web series about life on an interstellar colony ship as it travels on a one-way voyage to settle a new planet far from Earth.

Season 1: (Stream for free on YouTube) Available to stream for free on YouTube) Crops are mysteriously dying aboard a colony ship during its one-way voyage to settle a distant planet, and one hydroponics engineer is determined to discover what’s happening before it’s too late to save the colony. The real answer turns out to be even worse than she could have imagined.

Season 2: Currently in production!

Under the Cold Sun
Moody & suspensful adventure novel

View on Amazon » Read for free online »

Government anthropologist Matt Moro jumps at the chance to research an enigmatic civilization living secretly on Gough Island, a remote, windswept island in the middle of the Atlantic. However, an international conspiracy rekindles an ancient civil war, and Moro must endure an ever-worsening crucible of ordeals to stop this secretive kingdom from destroying itself—and killing him in the process.

in development

Lighthearted detective series

An aspiring actress pays the bills by running a struggling private investigation agency in Los Angeles with the help of her misfit actor friends while balancing an identity crisis, anxiety issues, and the pursuit of stardom. It's Veronica Mars meets Psych meets Alias

in development

White-collar crime drama

When a tech company's acquisition leaves a team of early employees feeling cheated, they risk everything to embezzle millions and avoid capture while juggling their precarious jobs and personal lives.

in development

Dark academic fantasy film

In a world where the bloodlines of ancient gods still run through human veins, a reclusive billionaire funds a secluded college to secretly study and breed together those with divine ancestry, hoping to bring the gods back to earth. But when a troubled student uncovers the truth behind the school's true intentions, he must fight to expose the sinister plan and prevent the rise of a new era of god-like beings.

in development

Suspenseful crime thriller

When an FBI agent’s high-school ex-boyfriend blackmails her into serving the Russian mafia by threatening to reveal her secret criminal past, she’ll stop at nothing—including murder—to protect both her career and the integrity of the Bureau itself.

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