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Arroz con Muerte

In Development, Short Film

Genres: action, crime, drama
A talented, hot-headed chef for a powerful drug cartel becomes a one-woman army hell-bent on vengeance when the kingpin executes her husband.

Romina “Romi” Falcón, a brilliant chef, is pushed into working for the Los Rojos cartel after her husband, Gael Peña, becomes a high-ranking financial executive for them. Although offered the best resources, she’s frustrated by the mundane tastes of her cartel clientele. Despite this, she focuses on her culinary arts and also trains in martial arts for self-defense and to relieve the stress of her job.

Romi and Gael find themselves in danger when Gael uncovers financial corruption within the cartel. When Gael is executed for his discoveries, Romi barely escapes an assassination attempt in her kitchen.

With vengeance in her heart, Romi utilizes her culinary tools and martial arts skills to systematically take down cartel members. She faces challenges, fighting her way through the compound, until she confronts the head of the cartel, Felipe Salazar.

With last-minute help from the cartel’s second-in-command, who stands to gain from Salazar’s death, she gains access to Salazar’s secure safe room. In a climactic confrontation, Romi defeats Salazar in a gruesome manner, discovering a large cash stash in the process.

As the dust settles, Romi emerges victorious and laden with Salazar’s money. She returns to Mexico City and opens a high-end restaurant named after her beloved husband. The film closes on Romi, balancing sorrow and determination, as she starts a new chapter in her life.