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Blood & Stone

In Development, Television

Genres: drama, romance, suspense
In the shadowy halls of a castle converted into an international college, a diverse group of royals, rich kids, and genius academics confront ambition, conspiracy, love, and their personal demons while trying to survive long enough to graduate.

In the remote landscapes of a fictional isle in the United Kingdom lies an enigmatic 12th-century castle, home to an elite international boarding school. This castle serves as the backdrop for the intense, dramatic lives of four students, each from a wildly different background, as they navigate their final two years of high school. The isolation of the island, combined with the ancient, stone walls of the school, creates an environment teeming with salacious scandals, gut-wrenching emotion, and bursts of humor, all while being cut off from the modern world.

At the heart of our tale is Princess Astrid of Belgium, poised for future queenship but yearning for her own personal ambitions outside of royalty. She’s surrounded by a dynamic ensemble: Tariq Nawaf, a resilient Syrian refugee determined to overcome cultural barriers with his sharp intellect; Maya Beaumont, the defiant Californian heiress, learning the limits of flaunting wealth in a place that values humility; and Oliver Bennett, a British tech genius from a humble background, who constantly feels like an outsider in such a grand institution. Each student’s journey is a rich tapestry of acceptance, growth, and the breaking down of prejudices.

As “Blood & Stone” unfolds, it doesn’t merely focus on the students’ personal battles; it immerses viewers in the school’s distinct culture, from mandatory community services to unique activities like archery. But not everything is as pristine as it seems. The shadow of secrets, including hushed scandals and a looming potential murder, threatens to taint the school’s esteemed reputation. This element of suspense reveals the dark secrets that lurk behind the prestigious institution’s walls. Together, these tales depict the brave journey of youth, stepping out of their known worlds, challenging societal norms, and blossoming amidst challenges.