Tagg West

Screenwriter, director, editor
Based in Phoenix, AZ
ig: @taggwest | email: tagg@taggwest.com


Feature Film

Into the Night

When a close friend returns after mysteriously disappearing four years ago, a rookie cop must reevaluate his sense of right and wrong as she pulls him into her plans for revenge.

Red Shadows

When an FBI agent’s high-school ex-boyfriend blackmails her into serving the Russian mafia by threatening to reveal her secret criminal past, she’ll stop at nothing—including murder—to protect both her career and the integrity of the Bureau itself.

Small Gods

In a world where the bloodlines of ancient gods still run through human veins, a reclusive billionaire funds a secluded college to secretly study and breed together those with divine ancestry, hoping to bring the gods back to earth. But when a troubled student uncovers the truth behind the school’s true intentions, he must fight to expose the sinister plan and prevent the rise of a new era of god-like beings.


In a Wild West desert town, the sheriff’s daughter joins a charismatic outlaw to attempt an audacious train heist, but when hidden agendas are revealed, she finds herself alone against the entire town in trying to do the right thing.

My Half / Your Half

To fund her dream bakery, a talented baker plans to sell her late grandma’s house, but there’s a catch: the other half belongs to a local handyman. Forced to live together in the house for a month, what starts as a business transaction evolves into an unexpected romance.


A newlywed couple’s marriage of convenience is tested when the United States inconveniently descends into civil war during their honeymoon, but as they confront mortal threats and inner doubts, they ultimately develop a love they never expected to find together.


Tasked with defending a post-apocalyptic fortress city, a conflicted sharpshooter hesitates to shoot an approaching refugee, setting off a chain of events that destroys her career, uncovers a disturbing conspiracy, and puts her at the forefront of an unthinkable rebellion.

Everlasting Serenade

When a modern-day businesswoman discovers an old piano in an antique store, she becomes spiritually connected to its original owner—a composer from the late 1880s—through their mutual dreams together, and they fall in love despite never being able to meet in person.