Tagg West

Screenwriter, director, editor
Based in Phoenix, AZ
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Everlasting Serenade

Feature Film, In Development

Genres: drama, fantasy, romance, supernatural
When a modern-day businesswoman discovers an old piano in an antique store, she becomes spiritually connected to its original owner—a composer from the late 1880s—through their mutual dreams together, and they fall in love despite never being able to meet in person.

Victoria, an ambitious career-driven woman, is elated about a potential promotion in her corporate world, a stark contrast to Oliver, a reserved composer from a distant era. Through a magical twist of fate, an antique piano becomes a bridge connecting their worlds in shared dreams. As their paths intertwine, they teach each other about their contrasting worlds: Victoria introduces Oliver to the wonders of modern music, while Oliver offers Victoria an escape from her tumultuous life and teaches her music composition. Despite their connection, Oliver is torn due to his impending arranged marriage and insists they maintain boundaries.

As time progresses, the lines between dreams and reality blur. Their shared dreams become a sanctuary where they explore their deepening feelings for one another. Victoria tries to deny her feelings, convincing herself that the dreams are merely a product of her imagination, yet their shared experiences and mutual growth say otherwise. Despite Oliver’s initial reluctance, their bond intensifies, culminating in a passionate kiss that reveals their undeniable chemistry. Although they decide to get “married” in their dream world, the weight of reality bears down on them. Victoria’s therapist suggests her dreams are manifestations of deeper psychological issues, and Oliver feels guilt towards his real-world fiancée. They are forced to question the validity and future of their unconventional relationship.

Reality takes a toll on their dreamy love story. Oliver feels guilty for betraying his real-life commitments and ends their dream relationship, leaving both heartbroken. Victoria’s pursuit for confirmation of Oliver’s existence leads her to a touching letter, revealing Oliver’s everlasting love and regret for not choosing her. In a bold move, Victoria misses a crucial work meeting, opting instead to connect with Oliver one last time at his grave. Oliver, too, is unable to continue with his impending wedding. Victoria’s decision costs her job but grants her newfound freedom and clarity. The film concludes with Victoria immersing herself in music, echoing Oliver’s influence. Exhausted, she falls asleep, waking up in the dream world with Oliver by her side once more.

Concept Art