Tagg West

Screenwriter, director, editor
Based in Phoenix, AZ
ig: @taggwest | email: tagg@taggwest.com


Genres: dark academia, fantasy, mythology
In a world where the bloodlines of ancient gods still run through human veins, a reclusive billionaire funds a secluded college to secretly study and breed together those with divine ancestry, hoping to bring the gods back to earth. But when a troubled student uncovers the truth behind the school's true intentions, he must fight to expose the sinister plan and prevent the rise of a new era of god-like beings.

On a secluded island off the coast of East Hampton, New York, reclusive billionaire Thurman Tipton harbors a profound secret. Beneath the veneer of a picturesque college, he silently investigates the descendants of ancient gods, tracing back to a single universal pantheon that diverged across cultures. By inviting students with richly divine bloodlines and subtle supernatural abilities, Tipton hopes to breed these divine beings together and ultimately usher in the return of true gods on Earth. As his young recruits begin to uncover the depth of his machinations, however, the balance between chaos and order is tested.

Noah Mulligan, a New Yorker with the unique ability to perceive the long-term outcomes of events, is whisked away from his turbulent life by a mysterious professor and offered a place in Tipton’s exclusive college. As he navigates this new world, forming bonds with fellow students, Noah encounters Scarlet Kilgrave, the rebellious student with a lineage tracing back to the Goddess of Chaos, she becomes both his rival and muse. Together, they start piecing together the peculiarities of the campus and the whispers of the strange events taking place.

Delving deeper, Noah and Scarlet stumble upon Tipton’s hidden agenda: a clandestine breeding program underpinned by a complex artificial intelligence system. This system calculates optimal pairings to produce offspring with intensified divine abilities. Realizing they’ve been slated as a power couple representing order and chaos, their relationship intensifies in spite of their resentment toward Tipton’s plan. Amidst this revelation, tensions rise as the students grapple with the weight of their newfound identities and Tipton’s dark vision for their futures.

Galvanized by their collective desire for free agency, the students revolt against Tipton’s dominion. A battle for control ensues, testing the limits of their abilities and Tipton’s ability to control this group of misfits of divine heritage he’s painstakingly brought together.