Tagg West

Screenwriter, director, editor
Based in Phoenix, AZ
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The Killer Across the Street

After losing his fiancée in a car accident, a reclusive man vows revenge when recognizes his new neighbor as the hit-and-run driver who killed her.

In a dimly lit house, a solitary man is engulfed in silence, lost in his own thoughts. Two years have passed since a devastating car accident claimed the life of his fiancée, while he miraculously survived.

His brother, worried about his increasing isolation, pays him a visit. He suggests that they should welcome the new neighbor he saw moving in across the street as a step towards normalcy. Reluctantly, the man agrees, but the moment he learns the identity of the new neighbor, he’s visibly shaken and retreats back into his house. His brother, puzzled, follows him inside.

The man frantically explains that the new neighbor is none other than the hit-and-run driver responsible for the fatal accident. His brother is skeptical, believing this to be a figment of his troubled mind. They delve into online research, seeking information about the new homeowner, but the facts don’t align with the man’s conviction. Despite this, he remains adamant. An argument ensues, culminating in the brother’s departure, leaving the man alone with his obsessive thoughts.

Determined for revenge, the man searches online for ideas on how to get revenge. When the normal web doesn’t meet his needs, he turns to the murky depths of the dark web. There, he encounters a respondent offering to execute the neighbor for a fee, ensuring that no connection would be traced back to him. Driven by vengeance, the man agrees, even though it means exhausting his savings.

As he covertly observes the neighbor’s idyllic family life, his resolve wavers, but he steels himself by revisiting memories of his late fiancée. He has decided. The plan progresses, and he coordinates with the hitman, setting a date and time for the act.

On the fateful day, at the appointed time, he anxiously watches from his window, expecting retribution against a man he wrongly believes is his fiancée’s killer.

As the neighbor returns home to his welcoming family, the man’s vigil is disrupted by a sudden knock at the door.

Standing at his doorstep are two FBI agents.

As the neighbor’s children and dog joyously greet him, the scene shifts to the man being arrested and taken away, his protests and rants fading into the distance. The neighbor, witnessing this, is left perplexed and uneasy, a reminder that we never really do know what the people around us might be planning for us.