Tagg West

Screenwriter, director, editor
Based in Phoenix, AZ
ig: @taggwest | email: tagg@taggwest.com



An aspiring actress pays the bills by running a struggling private investigation agency in Los Angeles with the help of her misfit actor friends while balancing an identity crisis, anxiety issues, and the pursuit of stardom. It’s Veronica Mars meets Psych meets Alias.

Continuity Girl

When a meticulous script supervisor begins to notice continuity errors in her own life, she discovers she’s actually a character in a film with a recently-assigned rookie editor.

16 Hours

As alien invaders set up concentration camps across Earth, two men on the run face an unexpected moral dilemma about the nature of work, freedom, and survival.

My Half / Your Half

To fund her dream bakery, a talented baker plans to sell her late grandma’s house, but there’s a catch: the other half belongs to a local handyman. Forced to live together in the house for a month, what starts as a business transaction evolves into an unexpected romance.

Not For You

In their first night at a new home, a pair of newlyweds find the house haunted by a ghost with a tormented past. While the husband hides, his new wife confronts the supernatural visitor with hilarious tenacity, resulting in a surprising resolution.


Two security guards working opposite shifts develop a fledgling romance in the few minutes they have together each day, but they’re kept apart by their conflicting schedules.