Tagg West

Screenwriter, director, editor
Based in Phoenix, AZ
ig: @taggwest | email: tagg@taggwest.com


Blood & Stone

In the shadowy halls of a castle converted into an international college, a diverse group of royals, rich kids, and genius academics confront ambition, conspiracy, love, and their personal demons while trying to survive long enough to graduate.

My Half / Your Half

To fund her dream bakery, a talented baker plans to sell her late grandma’s house, but there’s a catch: the other half belongs to a local handyman. Forced to live together in the house for a month, what starts as a business transaction evolves into an unexpected romance.


A newlywed couple’s marriage of convenience is tested when the United States inconveniently descends into civil war during their honeymoon, but as they confront mortal threats and inner doubts, they ultimately develop a love they never expected to find together.

Everlasting Serenade

When a modern-day businesswoman discovers an old piano in an antique store, she becomes spiritually connected to its original owner—a composer from the late 1880s—through their mutual dreams together, and they fall in love despite never being able to meet in person.


Two security guards working opposite shifts develop a fledgling romance in the few minutes they have together each day, but they’re kept apart by their conflicting schedules.