Tagg West

Screenwriter, director, editor
Based in Phoenix, AZ
ig: @taggwest | email: tagg@taggwest.com


Genres: action, adventure, drama, western
In a Wild West desert town, the sheriff's daughter joins a charismatic outlaw to attempt an audacious train heist, but when hidden agendas are revealed, she finds herself alone against the entire town in trying to do the right thing.

As the 1800s draw to a close, a desert town in Arizona is one of the few still clinging to the spirit of the Wild West. Plucky young Savannah “Savvy” Dunbar, however, yearns for a life beyond the town’s borders, for big city life where progress and change beckon.

The arrival of Rufus Beckworth, a charismatic outlaw, stirs the town. He promises a daring heist—derail a government train loaded with gold and distribute the wealth among the townspeople, kindling dreams of prosperity at long last. Savvy, enamored by Rufus, willingly joins his cause, seeing an escape from her small-town existence, and her strong-willed father, Sheriff Enoch Dunbar.

Sheriff Dunbar claims to have crossed paths with Rufus in the past and paints him as a villain. His claims fall on deaf ears, though, as Rufus counters with his own surprises about Dunbar’s dark and mysterious past, for which he provides actual proof. As the town rallies behind Rufus and prepares to help him with this audacious train heist, Savvy distances herself from her father and deepens her relationship with Rufus.

Things take a tragic turn, however, during a heated confrontation when Dunbar draws his gun on Rufus but Rufus shoots him first, leaving him critically wounded. At Dunbar’s bedside, Savvy learns of her father’s past and Rufus’s true character—and that his probable plan is to murder the townsfolk helping him and take the gold for himself.

Overwhelmed with guilt and confusion, Savvy confronts Rufus. His violent response confirms his cruel intentions. Savvy narrowly escapes with her life, resolved to thwart his plot and redeem her father’s reputation in the town.

Desperate, she rallies the few in town still willing to support her father. They work against time and a town blinded by greed. The climax arrives with a desperate fight at the railroad, where Savvy and her allies prevent Rufus’s plan, preserving the townspeople’s lives–but not their respect. 

The Dunbars and their few friends are driven out of town, leaving with their lives shattered but their values intact. Their courage and integrity embody the spirit of the Old West, proving that even in the hardest of times, the value of character surpasses all the gold in the world.