Tagg West

Screenwriter, director, editor
Based in Phoenix, AZ
ig: @taggwest | email: tagg@taggwest.com




An aspiring actress pays the bills by running a struggling private investigation agency in Los Angeles with the help of her misfit actor friends while balancing an identity crisis, anxiety issues, and the pursuit of stardom. It’s Veronica Mars meets Psych meets Alias.


It’s “Office Space” meets “Breaking Bad.” When a tech company’s acquisition leaves a team of early employees feeling cheated, they risk everything to embezzle millions and avoid capture while juggling their precarious jobs and personal lives.

Blood & Stone

In the shadowy halls of a castle converted into an international college, a diverse group of royals, rich kids, and genius academics confront ambition, conspiracy, love, and their personal demons while trying to survive long enough to graduate.


A rising tech mogul is drawn into the luxurious world of a secret society of women dedicated to serving and elevating powerful men but soon realizes their ambitions extend far beyond his own success.