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Genres: crime, drama
It's "Office Space" meets "Breaking Bad." When a tech company's acquisition leaves a team of early employees feeling cheated, they risk everything to embezzle millions and avoid capture while juggling their precarious jobs and personal lives.

Dreamless is about a group of long-time employees at a successful startup who feel cheated out of their fair share when the company is unexpectedly sold. Instead of quitting, they decide to stay and get revenge by embezzling the millions they believe they should have earned. 

The main character, Grayson, is a product manager who was the first employee hired when the company was just a garage startup. He’s been there for every major decision and had previously felt a deep sense of loyalty to the company. 

He’s joined in his schemes by:

  • Wyatt, an outdoorsy product designer who’s worked hard for the company since the beginning so he could cash out and hike and camp full time.


  • Genesis, a sardonic product manager who’s bored out of her mind at work and thinks embezzling from the company might be the first interesting thing to happen in her career in years.


  • Carmen, a new software engineer with an unhealthy obsession with crime…and the men who commit it.

For their own individual reasons, they’re each willing to risk everything for this embezzlement scheme.

Each season features a new large-scale scheme in which they use their positions and knowledge of the company to gain access to sensitive information and execute the plan. As the scheme progresses, they encounter obstacles and setbacks, such as the risk of getting caught and the discovery of new security measures. They also face personal struggles, such as guilt or fear of getting caught. They start to question whether their actions were right or wrong and if they should continue to pursue their schemes. 

The show explores the themes of loyalty, betrayal, power, and control as the characters are betraying the company they once loved, but at the same time, they feel a sense of loyalty to each other. They use their positions and skills to control the company’s resources. The audience will be able to understand the characters’ decision-making and their actions, while also following the story of the schemes they are planning and executing.

The show is “Breaking Bad” meets “Office Space.” It’s the story of an underdog fighting against the corporate machine—who’s also a fool whose quest for revenge keeps getting him into unnecessary trouble when he should really just let go.

Season One Overview

Season one unfolds with Grayson Black grappling with betrayal after missing out on the company’s acquisition gains. As his past loyalty to Dreamless begins to wane, Grayson, consumed by a burning desire for retribution, enlists Wyatt and Carmen.

Together, they hatch an audacious plan to fabricate several employees, hoping to pocket these phantom salaries. Relying on their intimate company knowledge, the trio navigates a maze of risks, from the looming threat of exposure to unforeseen security upgrades. A genuine employee stumbles upon one of their fabrications, endangering their entire operation. Another unexpected blow comes when an integral member of their plan abruptly leaves the company, compelling them to improvise swiftly.

Through all of this, they struggle to skirt detection and deploy their considerable collective acumen to maintain the ruse.

As things progress, the adrenaline rush of their successful deceit gives way to guilt, moral dilemmas, and the looming shadow of seemingly-inevitable discovery, fracturing the group’s once-solid bond.